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Factors in Customer Loyalty:  What makes your salon stand out from the pack?
Nov 24 2021

Factors in Customer Loyalty: What makes your salon stand out from the pack?

Regular trips to the nail salon is a cherished and coveted luxury enjoyed by people from all walks of life.  A recent interview with a costume designer in LA revealed top reasons customers choose a salon and remain loyal customers to their favorite nail shop.
1.  The Technician must be adept and proficient.  It's very compelling when a tech learns and remembers customer preferences such as whether a customer prefers hand or efiling and square or pointy nails.
2.  The Tech must have good "bedside manner".  That means appropriately social and not venting a frustrating day onto the client.
3.  Bigger is not always better.  A small, modest salon is perfect as long as it is clean and sanitary.
4.  Some customers strongly prefer the option to make an appointment to ensure their favorite tech is available.  A 10-15 minute wait time is the maximum generally acceptable amount of time that a customer is willing to wait for a scheduled appointment.  And, since a client doesn't want a tech who rushes the job, then working thoroughly and not over-booking is an attractive trait many customers look for when they choose to stay loyal to one tech.
5.  Clients enjoy a salon with a fresh and well-stocked color pallet.  Most clients look for healthy or very healthy brands such as SNS that are "10 free" and care for their wellness as keenly as possible.
Remember, word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool available to most enterprises.  And, it is the most cost effective strategy as well.  Most clients pass at least one nail salon on their way to their favorite pampering session.  Many clients drive 30 minutes or more to have their biweekly treat and pass by dozens of salons on the way to their special day at the spa.

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